Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel voor Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel diverse kleuren
Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel voor Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel Wollen Ledikantdeken Wafel diverse kleuren
Toddler blanket Waffle Wool - Sand
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A great soft woolen toddler blanket made of 100% Pure New Wool. Superior temperature-regulating; cool in summer, comfortable in spring and autumn and when used double warm in winter!

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Woolen Toddler blanket

A woolen toddler blanket is super nice for your little one. Not too cold and not too warm too due to the beautiful insulating effects of wool. Although people easily think of winter when they consider a wool blanket, a woolen blanket can actually be used during all seasons. Because when it gets warmer, wool regulates the warmth, without getting sweaty. When it is cold, wool keeps the warmth inside.

Pure New Wool

Pure New Wool means that only sheep wool have been used in these fine high quality blankets. No other additives, just pure wool. This makes it a wonderful blanket for your little one!

Size toddler woolen blanket

The toddler woolen blankets with waffle structure have dimensions of 90cm x 130cm. Great useful dimensions and therefore the blanket not only can be used in a bed but also great to use as a blanket on the couch or in the car.

Washing and maintenance woolen toddler blankets

Wool has a self-cleaning ability. Ventilating in moist air, for example in the morning dew or even in winter in a small layer of snow, cleans the wool perfectly. But sometimes the blanket gets a bit more dirty. Then of course the woolen blanket can be washed in the washing maching. Of course please use a cold wool wash program with a wool detergent. The wool washing program should not spin too hard and the temperature should remain low. This keeps the blanket beautiful and in great condition.
A tip is to use the wool detergent from Texelana. This detergent contains lanolin as a base to keep your woolen toddler blanket beautiful. Do not wash the blankets too often.

Wool can suffer from fluff or pills. This is why we are happy to give you some tips!
People sometimes think that pilling have to do with quality. But when it comes to pilling, the quality and the type of wool doesn't matter. Pilling is a natural phenomenon. Pilling is mainly caused by friction of the fabric. Therefor we recommend using a sheet between the blanket and the baby.  Friction often is something that happens during using and washing a woolen blanket.

Although pilling is a natural phenomenon and has nothing to do with the quality of the woolen product, you of course want to prevent pilling as much as possible. Never pull the "pills" off, as this will damage your woolen blanket. We recommend shaving these "pills" off. Use a special wool razor and move in one direction on a flat surface. After doing this, your blanket looks like new again. If you only have a few loose pills, carefully cut them off. You can also use a special wool comb for this. There are also available several smart devices which can remove these small loose pills easily.

Because pills are also created during washing, it is important to always carefully follow the washing instructions.
Another tip, which may sound a bit funny: a night of cold ensures that pills can be prevented. So put your woolen blanket in a resealable bag and put it in a freezer overnight. This reduces the chance of pilling by a lot! Unfortunately, trying to prevent pilling for 100% can never be guaranteed.

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