In this blog we will explain how to maintain your baby sling, to keep it nice.

Baby sling - Cotton

The Pure Baby Love baby slings are made of high-quality 100% cotton. The baby slings are cuddly soft and extremely comfortable for your child.

Washing instructions

Before you start using the baby sling, you should wash it first. We always advise to wash it as cold as possible. Although it can be washed on 40 degrees, colder is recommended to preserve your baby sling.

Don’t use too much detergent. Too much detergent affects the fabric and makes it stiffer.


Baby sling - Drying

The Pure Baby Love baby sling can be put in the drier. Always pay attention to temperature. Hot drying causes shrinking and friction of the fabric. Sometimes, especially older driers dry warmer than the program indicates.

Hard water

Some areas have ‘hard’ water. Hard water makes the baby sling stiffer. You can add a splash of vinegar. In addition, vinegar contributes to optimum colour preservation as well. 


Ironing is not required but makes your sling fully elastic again (after washing and drying).
Of course such a long sling takes some time, but feels extremely comfortable. 

What if something went wrong?

Did your sling shrink? Then iron it properly. Usually, there are plenty of possibilities left to tie it. A baby sling, provided there are no worn spots or defects, always retains its carrying capacity.

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