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In the Netherlands babywearing consultant is a rather unknown profession. Yet, there are many of them. In your immediate vicinity as well!

Babywearing consultant

A babywearing consultant has been trained by one of the educational institutions in the Netherlands or abroad, for example the ‘Instituut voor Hechting’ (Netherlands) or the ‘Trageschule’. There are various levels: A basic training, an advanced training and a certification training. After the basic training a babywearing consultant is able to give a consultation. After the advanced training, a babywearing consultant can give workshops and advice in special situations.

A babywearing consultant can teach you how to tie a baby sling. In addition she can help you to choose the perfect baby carrier for you.

Babywearing consultation

Usually, a babywearing consultation has a great added value. You will learn the tricks of the trade. Afterwards you will have more fun carrying your baby. You can always plan a consultation, for example if you just started carrying or if you want to learn a new tying option.

The costs of a babywearing consultation vary from €45,00 to  €55,00 per consultation (approx. 1,5 hours).

Special situations

In case of special situations, for example in case of prematures we advise you to contact a babywearing consultant before you start carrying your baby. Special need babies, require tailored advice. A babywearing consultant has been trained to help you.

Would you like to get advice from a babywearing consultant? Click here to find a babywearing consultant in your immediate vicinity!
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