Ergonomic baby carrier


The ergonomic baby carrier has been designed to carry your child close to you. In the meantime you can move freely. A perfect win-win situation!

You child needs to be close to you. Your child smells your scent, hears your heartbeat and feels safe and comfortable. 

At the same time, you can move freely and go to places that are not accessible by baby carriage or you can carry your child for example on a party.

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Baby carriers

There are all kinds of baby carriers. Ergonomic baby carriers, cheap and expensive ones. What is important if you are going to buy a baby carrier?

Ergonomic baby carrier

You have probably heard the term ‘ergonomic’ before. What exactly means ergonomic in terms of a baby carrier?

A good, ergonomic baby carrier supports both you and the baby. It has a perfect fit and keeps the weight of your baby close to you.

A baby carrier should support your baby from knee to knee, knees higher than buttock. In addition, the natural bulging of the back should be preserved. A good neck support is important as well, as your baby’s head is still heavy and neck muscles must still be developed.

The term ergonomic is not protected. It means baby carriers can be sold as ‘ergonomic baby carriers’, although they aren’t. A baby carrier that only supports the buttocks, has a hard back and allows legs to ‘dangle’ is not an ergonomic baby carrier.

Baby carrier - Fit

Each person has a different figure. Each figure can carry a baby!

A comfortable baby carrier should be fully adjustable. A nice padding on the shoulders, straps that fit nicely and especially a comfortable feeling are important. If you wish to be sure a baby carrier fits you, you should try one, either in specialty stores or with babywearing consultants

Baby carrier - Safety

Safety comes first! A good baby carrier has been tested according to European standards, by a test institute. They test on fire safety, weight load, attachments, claps and loose parts. Before buying a baby carrier, always check if it has been tested.

Baby carrier - price

The principle ‘The more expensive, the better the quality’ is not applicable. However, a baby carrier comes with a certain price when it comes to ‘fair’ production with proper materials and meeting safety requirements.

Some baby carriers are available at a price of €29,95. However, these baby carriers are not ergonomic and not always safe. In addition, you can wonder if they have been fairly produced. On the other side, some baby carriers of large well-known brands are extremely expensive, yet still not ergonomic. Although it is fantastic to carry your child close to you, it will be much more comfortable in an ergonomic baby carrier.

Good, ergonomic baby carriers are available in various price ranges. It depends on the brand. It is important to evaluate your budget, your taste, but especially the properties of the baby carrier. Is it fully adjustable for you and your baby? Is it durable?

If you need assistance, you can contact us. Our website has a live chat function. In addition, you can contact a babywearing consultant or a specialty store in your immediate vicinity.

How do you use a baby carrier?

A baby carrier can easily be taken with you. It is important to properly adjust it first. Soon, we will add a new instruction video about adjusting the Pure Baby Love baby carrier.

On belly or back?

Most ergonomic baby carriers can be carried on either belly or back. We advise to start carrying your child on your back, once it is able to sit up.

Baby carrier - Safety

In order to carry your child safely, the baby carrier should properly support your child. Your child should sit firmly against you and not be given the chance to ‘sink’ in the baby carrier when he/she relaxes. If a child ‘sinks’ into the baby carrier, it either hasn’t been adjusted properly or your child is still too small. It might cause lack of oxygen.

The face should not be covered. The baby should be able to breath. For this reason, you don’t use the sleeping hood for small children. You’d better use it as neck roll.

Don’t carry your child with its face forward. You child will get too much stimuli, it can’t turn its head and its hips are not wrapped around you.

Never fall asleep with your baby in the baby carrier. You can’t check your baby anymore, which is dangerous. You’d better put your baby in his/her bed.

Don’t let your baby get too hot. The baby carrier is an extra layer and, in combination with baby clothes, will be too warm soon.

Don’t use the baby carrier in combination with activities such as sports, cycling, driving, cooking etc. And always support the head when you stoop.

Breast-feeding your baby in the baby carrier is not advised, due to choking hazard. You’re your take to breast-feed your baby and afterwards continue carrying.

Safety comes first. If you observe before mentioned advices carrying will be extremely safe.

Why choosing a Pure Baby Love baby carrier?

Our baby carrier:
  • is 100% ergonomic for you and your baby, also when your child grows
  • Is fully adjustable. It is suitable for size 50/56 to size 92/98 (knee to knee support).
  • Has a soft back, made of baby sling fabric. The natural bulging of the back can be preserved.
  • Offers the possibility to create a neck roll, that optimally supports the neck.
  • Is suitable for both slightly built and strapping persons.
  • Offers the possibility to cross the shoulder straps
  • Has been tested on safety and meets the European standard PD CEN/TR 16512:2015
  • Is available at an affordable price.
  • Is fairly produced. 
  • Is available in trendy designs. A nice accessory for your outfit.
It’s pleasure to wear!